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Defining the Issue of Our Time: Corona Virus

corona  [ kuh-roh-nuh ]  noun
a radiant circle.
synonyms: aureole, halo

Welcome to a Radiant Circle
There is plenty of panic and politics elsewhere.
Here we focus on the rays of light and hope surrounding these dark times.
Read, enjoy, share, and contribute to this collection of art and faith,
compiled by Dixon Studio, a liturgical arts studio in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
We would like to introduce you to some inspiring clergy and beautiful worship aids
we have encountered in our work, and we would like to share some of our favorite
diversions as we all slow down and rediscover the arts and reconnect with our faith.
Join our circle of friends and faithful to make beauty and hope go viral!

NEW POSTS EACH WEEK are marked as such; scroll down to find them.


News & Notes

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
performs Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' from 19 locations
where the individual musicians are self isolating.

The True Significance of St. Corona, the Viral Saint
A German cathedral is polishing the shrine of St. Corona
(at left) for an upcoming exhibition,

expecting more interest due to the virus.
NEW UPDATE: More here, with a dose of humor.

While the politicians debate a date certain
for lifting the social isolation restrictions

we are biding our time with the music of Marion Williams.
Here is her rendition of Bob Dylan's 'I Shall Be Released.'

Our colleagues in Italy offer warnings and ask for prayers.

A private charity airlifts an entire field hospital to Northern Italy.



Prayers & Pictures

Missing Mass?
Watch livestream or archived services from
St. Mark's Catholic Church in NC.

Check out the daily readings, posted at
US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pray the rosary at home,
with inspiration from rosarywindows.com
Don't know how? Forgot?
Check out this one-page printable guide.

Join our Bishop, Most Rev. Barry Knestout,
for Sunday Mass at 10 am and for a
Rosary for the Protection of Children and Families
to be livestreamed at 3pm on Thursday, April 2


Download free posters with inspiring images
and words of wisdom here.

NEW POST: above,
Fr. John Putnam, pastor
of St. Mark Catholic Church in Huntersville, NC
holds the monstrance at an outdoor
Adoration, Procession and Benediction.




Ideas, Inspiration, Musings & Meditations

Fr. John Grace, pastor at Immaculate Conception Church,
offers his thoughts on
Choosing to Support the Common Good of All.
With a Dixon stained glass window
of the Communion of Saints as a backdrop,
he discusses community and charity and assures us
we are neither helpless nor hopeless.

at left:
original design for Communion of Saints window in the chapel
at Immaculate Conception Church in Hampton, Virginia, 2011.



Can you name all the saints in this Communion of Saints window?
Click Here for a larger image and try! Then, Click Here for answers.

Social Distancing is a foreign concept in some parts.
Here in the South, we have acres to work with, and layers of social etiquette.
We got this.
Take a look: It's a Southern Thing.

Cabin Fever Cure: Virtual Tours!
The Vatican interiors with 360 views
Gorgeous Gardens in England, France, and the US
Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, and Theme Parks with no admission fees!

Bored? Too Much Time on Your Hands?
Can't choose between entertainment or enlightenment?
Here's a two-fer: Fr. Ryan P. Glenn offers a list of beautiful cinematic prayers.

Hard to transition from social butterfly to socially distant?
Here are some tips from a cloistered nun.

The Time of the Virus is a short article
on the gift of time to reflect in our isolation.

A longer reality check from a professor to his students, here:
Dear Students: There is No Afterwards
Sounds depressing but actually, it's quietly empowering.

That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief
Also sounds depressing but actually, naming feelings and owning experiences
helps us cope with what we cannot control.

Being an Artist is the Second Safest Profession Amid a Coronavirus Outbreak
Did you pursue a career in the arts, despite warnings that it would be a precarious existence?
Join us in this calm among the panic, as we relax and feel safe and secure.
It seems the solitary nature of the profession is its saving grace.
In other words: Welcome to our world, all you 'people persons' and extroverts!
(That includes our siblings who got sensible jobs or degrees.)

More ideas and inspiration here.


Studio Work

The core staff at Dixon Studio is still working, creating beautiful pieces for churches.
We will be documenting our projects in progress here until we can deliver and install again.
NEW LINK: You can download a 1-page illustrated guide to our stained glass work here.
You can also follow the studio on Facebook.



Accidental Homeschoolers and Perennial Students

Literature Class
The classic, 
The Canterbury Tales, was written by Geoffrey Chaucer
in the 14th century, in the shadow of the Black Death.

There is a new app that lets you see and hear it in the original, with modern translation.
Read about it here. Go to Literature Class on the desktop version here.

Art Appreciation Class
Take a field trip with virtual visits 
to some Great Museums.

Music Class
Feeling like you're in exile? You're not the only one and this isn't the first time.
Check out Psalms 137 and 19.
Then, listen to these lamentations of the Jewish people, made modern by:
Jorma Kaukonen (our favorite version)
The Melodians (the original Reggae version)
Willie Nelson (because we're in the South, y'all)
Linda Rondstadt (acapella)
The Neville Brothers (harmonious!)

Wikipedia notes that it is one of a few pop songs whose lyrics come directly from the Bible.
Read more about the Psalms and the song here.
And check out a different song, with the same source story --by our local talent:
The Marvelous Murphy Sisters 

Here are more resources
for lifelong learning and keeping the kids entertained and educated.

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We're all in this together, even if we're all alone...

Share your images and inspiration and we'll make them go viral --in a good way!

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Pray, hope, and don't worry.
Worry is useless.
God is merciful and will hear your prayer.
-- St. Pio of Pietrelciina