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Defining the Issue of Our Time: Corona Virus

corona  [ kuh-roh-nuh ]  noun
a radiant circle.
synonyms: aureole, halo

Welcome to a Radiant Circle
There is plenty of panic and politics elsewhere.
Here we focus on the rays of light and hope surrounding these dark times.
Read, enjoy, share, and contribute to this collection of art and faith,
compiled by Dixon Studio, a liturgical arts studio in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
We would like to introduce you to some inspiring clergy and beautiful worship aids
we have encountered in our work, and we would like to share some of our favorite
diversions as we all slow down and rediscover the arts and reconnect with our faith.
Join our circle of friends and faithful to make beauty and hope go viral!

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Events, Videos & Livestreams

NEW: Theme Song for Lockdown: Flowers on the Wall, the classic from the Statler Brothers (see Virtual Vacation section, below) gets a remake by Home Free.

NEW: What to do during quarantine? Practice, practice, practice!
Check out this bit of perfection by the Kyiv Duo mastering the Flight of the Bumble Bee.
Of course, going solo can speed things up a bit, as Alexander Dmitriev demonstrates.

NEW: The Heifetz International Music Institute trains talented young musicians from all over and treats the locals to world class performances in our local venues. This year is a bit different, with daily concerts live-streamed free on their YouTube and Facebook channels. (Heifetz Institute is located in Staunton, Virginia. See more from this lovely town on the Virtual Vacation page.)

The UK Blessing
Church members across the UK join together in song.
The churches may be closed but the church is alive.

Man with Covid-19 was dying, then God sent a cleaner.
A testimony to the kindness of strangers, who may be on a mission.
Bonus: Belfast accent --with subtitles, for the uninitiated.

A gorgeous rendition of an American hymn by Nashville studio singers,
gathered via cell phone videos: It Is Well With My Soul.
And, any time you're heading for a pity party, read the back story that inspired
the lyricist, Horatio Spafford. Warning: Have a hankie at the ready.

Andrea Bocelli: Music for Hope
It was live on Easter Sunday but generously archived to revisit.

Favorite: St. Paul's Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia
offers livestreamed and archived services.
Bonus: Beautiful interior by Dixon Studio, 2017, below.


















News & Notes

NEW: Mike Rowe is not ignoring Covid, but he's getting on with his life --and his work
Read his sensible blog post on the subject.

NEW: Is Quarantine like Prison? Not exactly, writes this prisoner.

Uber Eats Driver Asks Priest to Hear Confession
Fr. Dan Beeman talks about the evening a driver realizes
he's just delivered dinner to a rectory and asks to be delivered from sin.

MORE: Older posts are archived on our News & Notes page.


Prayers & Pictures



NEW: From Radio MariaThis image is from July 8th. A chain-reaction accident involving multiple cars and trucks occurred on interstate 81 in Lebanon County, PA. It was raining heavily. Caught in the traffic behind the mess of crumpled vehicles was Fr. John Killackey (FSSP), assistant priest at the Mater Dei Community in Harrisburg. He had recently celebrated his first anniversary as a priest. Upon seeing the carnage ahead of him, Fr. Killackey exited his car to assist and minister to those in need. He was able to administer Last Rites to the driver of the truck just in front of him in this photo. The driver was the one fatality in the multi-vehicle wreck. This image is so powerful.





Fr. Joseph Krupp Administers
Last Rites at the Nursing Home
in the Age of Corona

This poignant photo
is from his facebook page
where he is usually quite joyful
and even downright funny.
Check out his
Quarantine Catechesis
video series.


Unemployed? There's a Patron Saint for You.
Read up on St. Cajetan.

Here are some helpful suggestions for Prayerful Participation in an Online Mass.

Check out the daily readings, posted at US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pray the rosary at home, with inspiration from rosarywindows.com
Don't know how? Forgot?
Check out this one-page printable guide.

Download free posters with inspiring images and words of wisdom.

MORE: Older & other posts are archived on our Prayers & Pictures page.


Ideas & Inspiration




A beautiful magazine called Prince William County Catholic deserves a wider circulation than the seven Catholic churches in the Virginia county it covers.
Lucky for you, it's available online!
Gorgeous photography and layout invite you to peruse a variety of informative and inspirational articles.

And we're not just saying all that because it has featured two stained glass windows by Dixon Studio on its covers. Although, that certainly doesn't hurt...







Fr. John Grace, pastor at Immaculate Conception Church,
offers his thoughts on
Choosing to Support the Common Good of All.
With a Dixon stained glass window
of the Communion of Saints as a backdrop,
he discusses community and charity and assures us
we are neither helpless nor hopeless.

original design for Communion of Saints window in the chapel
at Immaculate Conception Church in Hampton, Virginia, 2011.

Pop Quiz:
Can you name all the saints in this Communion of Saints window?
Click Here for a larger image and try! Then, Click Here for answers.


13 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety
A baker's dozen of suggestions and reminders to avoid worry
and embrace simple routines and endeavors.


Take a Virtual Vacation




This website is produced by Dixon Studio & Gallery,
located in Staunton, Virginia.
It's a charming town, located in the Shenandoah Valley.
You should come visit when this isolation is all over!
In the meantime, have a look around
at some of our favorite picks, via our curated links.

Topping the list, of course, is our own Dixon Studio,
an award winning liturgical arts studio producing stained glass, mosaics, and statuary
for churches in the mid-Atlantic area and beyond.

The artwork isn't just for churches anymore, with the addition of
Dixon Gallery, offering cards, prints, and originals online
and by event or appointment in person.

Staunton is home to a lot of creative people and ventures!

NEW: The Heifetz International Music Institute trains talented young musicians from all over and treats the locals to world class performances in our local venues. This year is a bit different, with daily concerts live-streamed on their YouTube and Facebook channels. They are available free for seven days following the broadcast and then archived exclusively for Virtual Season Pass Holders.


NEW: The Statler Brothers hail from and retired in Staunton.
Sadly, Harold Reid passed away in April, prompting tributes at our local interactive monument to their career (at left), as well as in the pages of Rolling Stone.

Here is the Statler Brothers with their version of their classic, Flowers on the Wall.
And another original, chronicling their life on the road with Johnny Cash.

The Frontier Culture Museum
This outdoor museum tells the story of the thousands of people who migrated to colonial America, and of the life they created here for themselves and their descendants.

The American Shakespeare Center is located downtown in a replica of the Blackfriars Theater.
Since audiences can't come to the theater now, ASC is offering streaming plays.

Three Notch'd Road, The Virginia Baroque Ensemble, performs a full season of early music on period instruments at various locations in Staunton, Charlottesville, Richmond.
Although the current season is cancelled you can order their albums online.

The Judy Chops is a fusion of modern and vintage musical styles, blending elements of swing, blues, rock, and soul.

Staunton has an eclectic taste in music, as is evident on our hometown radio station.
Listen to WQSV online. And do it different days and times, to hear completely different shows!

The Staunton Augusta Art Center is a non-profit community art organization devoted to providing area children and adults, as well as visitors to the region, diverse experiences in the creation and appreciation of the visual arts.

Here are two of our favorite things combined in one compact offering:
art + chocolate = the tastefully tasty Santiago Chocolates.
Sorry, shipping not available; you'll have to visit someday and buy a box
at Cranberries Grocery & Eatery or order them for dessert at Znyodoa restaurant.

Plan ahead for your real visit to Staunton, by looking at the variety of places to stay.

Staunton has historic districts filled with exquisite architecture. Check out a couple here:
Beverley Historic District
Newtown Historic District
Stuart Addition Historic District

Erik the Travel Guy offers a glimpse at our beautiful town and its surroundings
in two short videos. Check out Part 1 for an overview and Part 2 for more tips.
While you plan your trip, the small town with a big heart will be waiting for you.

Staunton is a model town... and you can make your own models of the buildings downtown
by printing and folding the designs at Build Your Own Staunton.


Accidental Homeschoolers
& Perennial Students

NEW: Life Lessons
A fellow who grew up without a Dad is using his Isolation Time to create a web channel
with how-to videos on everything from changing a tire to ironing a dress shirt.
Check out Dad, How Do I?

MORE: Here are more resources for lifelong learning
and keeping the kids entertained and educated.


Send Us Your Favorite
Devotions and Distractions!

Share your images and inspiration and we'll make them go viral --in a good way!

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Radiant Circle
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Pray, hope, and don't worry.
Worry is useless.
God is merciful and will hear your prayer.
-- St. Pio of Pietrelciina


Image: detail from stained glass window by Dixon Studio
installed at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Staunton, Virginia.

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