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Cabin Fever Cure: Virtual Tours!
NEW: Yellowstone Park with Airstream
, courtesy of Car & Driver
NEW: The Smithsonian offers multiple virtual tours of its Natural History exhibits
The Louvre Museum in Pairs
The Vatican interiors with 360 views
Gorgeous Gardens in England, France, and the US
Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, and Theme Parks with no admission fees!

Bored? Too Much Time on Your Hands?
Can't choose between entertainment or enlightenment?
Here's a two-fer: Fr. Ryan P. Glenn offers a list of beautiful cinematic prayers.


Hard to transition from social butterfly to socially distant?
Here are some tips from a cloistered nun.

Social Distancing is a foreign concept in some parts.
Here in the South, we have acres to work with, and layers of social etiquette.
We got this.
Take a look: It's a Southern Thing.

The Time of the Virus is a short article
on the gift of time to reflect in our isolation.

A longer reality check from a professor to his students, here:
Dear Students: There is No Afterwards
Sounds depressing but actually, it's quietly empowering.

That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief
Also sounds depressing but actually, naming feelings and owning experiences
helps us cope with what we cannot control.


Being an Artist is the Second Safest Profession Amid a Coronavirus Outbreak
Did you pursue a career in the arts, despite warnings that it would be a precarious existence?
Join us in this calm among the panic, as we relax and feel safe and secure.
It seems the solitary nature of the profession is its saving grace.
In other words: Welcome to our world, all you 'people persons' and extroverts!
(That includes our siblings who got sensible jobs or degrees.)


It does not have the BE a good thing in order for some good to come OF it.
An article in the Wall Street Journal ponders A Coronavirus Great Awakening?
and notes that 'sometimes the most important ingredient for spiritual renewal
is a cataclysmic event.'
Note: WSJ has a paywall but does have a limited time offer of $1 for 2 months of digital access,
with assurance you can cancel anytime.
There's a bargain for people who suddenly have a lot of time to read.


City parish hosts rooftop Holy Hour for neighbors confined to homes.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament March 21 on the rooftop
of St. Anthony of Padua parish in Lima, Peru.

Photo Credit: David Lizarzaburo. Catholic News Agency


St. Edward the Confessor
seems to be inspiring the pastors
of his eponymous parishes...

Church Closed?
Maybe now you'll appreciate
that modern architecture in the commons,
with the big plate glass windows.

At St. Edward the Confessor Church
in Richmond, Virginia
the Blessed Sacrament, present in the tabernacle,
is on display in the window of the Commons.
Parishioners are invited to sit outside and pray,
maintaining a proper distance from each other.





Confessional Too Close for Comfort?

At St. Edward the Confessor Church
in Bowie, Maryland,
the pastor is offering drive-thru confessions
to maintain a safe social distance.

He even has a blindfold,

to don for penitents who want to
maintain their anonymity.






Getting Creative
with the Extended Family


If you just want to visit
and play a game with Grampa,
take some painter's tape
and a couple of dry erase markers
and you've got
tic-tac-toe to go!










But, if Mom lives on the second floor
of the retirement community,
preparation for the visit
may require spray paint.

And, if you don't use proper names,
every Mom in the place

can look out her window and smile.








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Pray, hope, and don't worry.
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