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A haphazard curriculum cobbled together from memory and wishful thinking.
We'll be adding and updating constantly so send us your suggestions and links!




Art Class

Vincent van Gogh can't keep his mask on...
There are lots of institutional and commercial
websites about this famous artist
but our favorite is this ambitious labor of love.

Sadly, thieves have taken advantage
of a museum shutdown
and have
stolen one of his paintings.


The Largest Jan Van Eyck Exhibition is on display in the closed Museum
of Fine Arts Ghent 
and also on your computer with a 
virtual tour.

Dozens of Museums and Libraries offer Free Downloadable Coloring Books.

for when staying home is required. (Staying within the lines not required.)

Here are 10 University Art Classes You Can Take for Free Online.

Take a field trip with virtual visits to some Great Museums.

Over 300 FREE PUBLICATIONS from the Getty Museum

are available to read online or download. 


Architecture Class

A Time for Cornerstones by Duncan Stroik
Throughout history, times of plague and catastrophe have called for serious responses in the form of churches and sacred art.

2019 International Awards for Religious Art & Architecture
From innovation to renovation, and interiors to exteriors...

History Class

Jesus' Resurrection is the Most Important Event in History
But not just for the reasons you might think... 
Even non-believers believe in many of the fruits of Christianity.

Literature Class

Is that letter, purportedly written by F. Scott Fitzgerald
during the Spanish Influenza quarantine, genuine? Nope; see here.
Here is the book that is required reading for every student of American Literature:
on scanned pages here or here or scrolling on full screen here (with ads in the margins).
Here are the books this Great American Novelist would read during lockdown.

The Canterbury Tales, was written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century
--in the shadow of the Black Death.

There is a new app that lets you see and hear it in the original, with modern translation.
Read about it here. Go to Literature Class on the desktop version here.


Music Class

Until the churches open again there is this:
Panis Angelicus - live performance by Luciano Pavarotti and Sting
Yes, young Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner was an altar boy.
who says "the church's music and liturgy fed this artistic soul."

Now that we are all hunkered down with family and without church,
check out Luciano Pavarotti and his father singing Panis Angelicus during Mass.

Feeling like you're in exile? You're not the only one and this isn't the first time.
Check out Psalms 
137 and 19.
Then, listen to these lamentations of the Jewish people, made modern by:

Jorma Kaukonen (our favorite version)
The Melodians (the original Reggae version)
Willie Nelson (because we're in the South, y'all)
Linda Rondstadt (acapella)
The Neville Brothers
Wikipedia notes that it is one of a few pop songs whose lyrics come directly from the Bible.
Read more about the Psalms and the song 
And check out a different song, with the same source story --by our local talent:

The Marvelous Murphy Sisters 

Think your favorite pop stars are suffering for their art with cancelled concerts
and streaming acoustic home performances?
Jimmie Rodgers, the father of country music, had a cot in the studio
so he could rest between takes or when the coughing fits took over.
Listen to
Whippin' That Old TB, recorded in 1932.
Check out the
Jimmie Rodgers Museum for more info and images.
Fun Fact: Jimmie Rodgers had quite a following in Northern Ireland,
including our own
Ronald Neill Dixon as well as Van Morrison.
Listen to Van Morrison singing Cleaning Windows, (with Mark Knopfler on guitar)

which includes references to Jimmie Rodgers, Muddy Waters, and Lead Belly.

Psychology Class

Left Brain / Right Brain... Left Hand / Right Hand?
Read about The Psychology of Left-Handed Brain Differences
in an article posted by Notre Dame College Online.

Science Class

Staunton's native son, Francis Collins discusses the coronavirus, his faith,
and his friendship with our favorite atheist, in an interview in The Atlantic.

Yes, The Language of God is a science book.
Published in 2006, three years before its author, Francis Collins,
was named director of the National Institutes of Health, it was a
New York Times Bestseller which makes the case for God and science.

Amazing DNA is Francis Collins' musical take on the work he and others did
to crack the genetic code. This cracks us up.

NASA's entire media library is publicly accessible and copyright free.Do try this at home with Steve Spangler Science.

The site offers 50 Experiments for 50 Days
Or go straight for the archives of 
At Home Science Experiments.


Western Civ

Check out these Virtual Tours of Europe's Famous Castles in your jammies.

Kid Stuff

At-Home Classes, Lessons and Education Resources for Families
is a compilation of links on a regional Ohio website.
Where else could you find lesson plans from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Artnet News offers links to
Art-Filled Online Classes, Tours, Coloring Books, and Quizzes.
Lots of wholesome options on this page but, fair warning:
Don't let the little ones wander off into the rest of the site,
as it is about the contemporary art market and you just never know...

Online video cooking classes for kids
ages two to teen, available for a 14 day free trial now.
Note: You do have to put in a credit card which will be charged $19
for an additional 2 months if you don't cancel before the free trial is up.

Had to post this because the teacher's name is Dixon (no relation)
and she's included a stained glass project.
Besides, who wouldn't want to put soap in the microwave?

No link required.
You just need some late afternoon / early evening sunshine,
paper, pencil, and toys with good profiles.








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